By embracing new technologies Vortex offers tailored solutions for delivering cost effective deployments and evidence based interventions to asset, device and resource management that will enrich any organisation's decision or command & control solution and capabilities.


Air Quality Monitoring (AQM)

LiPAPS is Next Generation Cleantech, hyper-local Particulate Matter Sensor for industrial and Smart City applications.

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Rail RCM Solution

RODIO (Railway Optical Detection of Intrusions and Obstructions) is a RCM solution for detecting obstacles on rail tracks.

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Integrated Smart Parking System

OptiPark turns existing light poles into smart IoT nodes delivering new urban datasets.

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Vortex Mesh Network (VMN)

Mesh networking is the backbone of everything we do at Vortex IoT. Our Vortex Mesh Network is an ultra low-power cognitive wireless network designed for IoT connectivity in harsh industrial environments.

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Intelligent Edge

Our solutions are often designed to stream data for continuous monitoring.

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Digital Access Management

The SensSecure platform virtualises the physical key of a lock. It's the optimal solution to access control management through the use of IoT.

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Our System

With ever more sensors attached to personnel, vehicles plant and equipment there is a greater need to secure and validate the produced data prior to processing.

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Bespoke R&D Service

Digital transformation means different things to all of us - what are your business challenges and how can we help?

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