The World Health Organisation estimates that air pollution is the cause of 7 million premature deaths every year (4.3 million from ambient outdoor pollution, and 2.6 from household).

AQM offers continuous, real-time, affordable, robust air quality monitoring sensors that deliver greater environmental impact.

Vortex IoT’s low maintenance air quality monitoring sensors empower organisations to reduce pollutants and improve air quality through digital.  We help create smart cities, new urban business models and healthier communities. Our air quality monitoring sensors give companies and councils the tools to measure, access data and provide actionable intelligence to help improve air quality and health outcomes.

Our sensors are trusted by organisations such as local authorities, Network Rail, West Midlands Rail, Tata Steel and Qatar Foundation.  We are delighted to be working with Hammersmith and Fulham council to roll out the biggest density of air quality monitoring sensors in Europe.


Why choose Vortex IOT?



Affordable Technology to Help Meet Net Zero Targets

The Committee for Climate Change predicts that a combination of technology and behaviour change will be needed for local authorities to meet Net Zero Targets.  Our sensors help drive down carbon footprint by removing the need to visit the device location for any maintenance or servicing needs. This is achieved by our unique Over The Air (OTA) device health and performance diagnostics.


Air Quality Monitoring to Fight Pollution with Real-Time Data All the Time

The two main air pollutants of concern in cities, based on their impact on human health, are nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and particulate matter (PM2.5).  Vortex IOT’s sensors monitor these pollutants as well as Ozone (O3) and particulates PM10.  All measurements are captured in real-time and the sensors can be configured to capture data as often as you like, giving you control over your air quality monitoring.

Poor air quality stunts the growth of children’s lungs and makes chronic illnesses like asthma, lung and heart disease worse. For particulate matter, the situation is even more serious. Many areas in the country still exceed the World Health Organization guideline for PM2.5.


Support for Clean Air Zone Implementation and New Urban Business Models

Our sensors can integrate with existing business systems to connect sensor data to financial, traffic monitoring and other data types or we can provide a complete end-to-end system.  This functionality empowers customers to understand links between traffic flow and air quality to improve decision making.  Transport and parking teams now have actionable intelligence to change behaviour and implement local action plans.

Our partnership with Marston Holdings, the largest provider of traffic enforcement equipment, enables us to support councils with the creation of new urban business models, the implementation of local delivery plans and smart city creation.  We also help provide councils with the tools for Clean Air Zone implementation and Low Traffic Neighbourhoods.  Our sensors can lead to improvement of the urban environment to support public health and the local economy, making cities more attractive places to live, work, do business and spend leisure time.


Developing an understanding of air quality issues, their impact and the need for action is an important part of delivering a successful Clean Air Zone, as is visibility of both the zone itself and the solutions on offer.  Local authorities will need to undertake appropriate monitoring and assessment of air quality levels and on changes in driver behaviour, to assess whether the measures implemented are having the anticipated impact.  They may need adjusting or are still needed if they have achieved their air quality improvement outcomes.

Our sensor technology can play a part in your local strategy in clearly defining your air quality problems, giving you the ability to address these, test measures and continually improve air quality.



Save Resources on Lengthy Sensor Maintenance Schedules

Say goodbye to lengthy maintenance schedules and instead enjoy serious cost savings.

Vortex IoT sensors are all managed remotely.  This saves councils and businesses time and money from physically having to send out employees to change cartridges, recalibrate, service or fix them in situ. 

Organisations therefore experience reduced downtime with no interruptions in air quality measurement, receiving real-time data continuously.


Deliver Greater Environmental Impact

Our ultra-low power network, on which the sensors operate, means councils have greater impact in reducing their carbon emissions.  This coupled with reduced maintenance schedules dramatically enables councils to reduce greenhouse emissions even further.


Helping Expand Your Tree Canopies

Because we provide a tree for every device sold, we help you expand your urban tree canopies providing more oxygen for your cities. 

It is estimated that 2,367,000 tonnes of carbon are stored in London’s trees alone, with an estimated value of £147 million to the UK’s economy.  One mature leafy tree can produce enough oxygen to allow 10 of us to breathe. This is most important of all in densely populated and polluted areas like cities, where average oxygen levels are expected to be at least 6% lower.

Our customers enjoy either a donation of a tree for their cities for each device sold or we can donate to Natural Resources Wales.


At Vortex IoT we believe that to manage air pollution, we must first measure it, our solution offers tangible business benefits to help achieve your organisation's goals. Want to know more? Please get in touch - we'd love to hear from you!