Managing 'Real-Events in Real-Time' produces significant volumes of data. We place ruggedised computing power close to our sensors to reduce latency and only send meaningful data to the cloud. Intelligent Edge provides a private, low-latency and secure network of data centres physically deployed close to the sensor nodes to reduce backhaul traffic to cloud servers.

Our edge processing, storage and IP gateway capabilities are powered by DELL’s Edge Gateway and Servers. Vortex IoT and DELL have entered to a strategic partnership in 2018 offering joint Sensor-Mesh-Edge solutions for our industrial case studies.

The Gartner Group predicts that by 2020, IoT will reach 26 billion connected devices. The challenge is to capture, analyze and effectively gain insights from the massive amounts of data these sensors and devices collect, in order to drive your business forward.

An Edge Gateway, with powerful dual-core Intel® Atom™ processors, connects varied wired and wireless devices and systems, aggregates and analyzes the input, and sends it on. Because the Gateway sits close to your devices and sensors, it sends only meaningful data to the cloud or control center, saving you expensive bandwidth.