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Our IPR and innovations include a blend of intuitive cloud and fog-based systems, Edge Computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and blockchain security combined with bespoke IoT sensor design capabilities.

Vortex IoT combines cloud capabilities with business intelligence and bespoke design of low-power wireless sensor networks to deliver step change enablement to operations management.

The Vortex IoT System is a multi-layered, scalable and modular solution. The sensor layer can comprise of both “off the shelf” sensors and "bespoke sensors" whose data can be transmitted across our multiple networks.

Data collected by the sensor layer is passed to the Edge Computing IoT Gateway where it is securely validated, enhanced and responded to using Sensor Fusion, Machine Learning and AI. 

Actionable and structured data is passed as an output to either on-premise architecture or cloud storage where data analytics can be applied for visualisation and analysis of essential business and operational insights.

Ultimately real-time data can be presented securely to interested parties for management and operational purposes.


Bespoke R&D Service

By 2020 some 23 billion devices will be connected to the internet, what business are wanting to connect to the internet varies widely, but what is common is the power and impact that 'actionable intelligence' can have on organisational change. 

Evidence based decision making and interventions have never before been more fundamental to delivering sustainable change or new target operating models - be it in how we manage assets or our existing infrastructure or how we maintain competitive edge and deliver value to our customers.

At Vortex IoT we specialise in optimising solutions to meet your business requirements - critically we are both data platform and communications protocol agnostic. Harsh environments present many variables factors from source of power through to access for maintenance and transporting or communicating generated data to your network. We take a system approach to IoT, this is fundamental to RoI and meeting your business requirements.

The peace of mind this also offers is that security is integrated into design from the 'get-go' and we are not trying to squeeze square pegs into your round holes. Where off the shelf products fail we have both the team and facilities in-house to rapidly develop solutions for your business challenges.

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