The Air Our School Children Breathe

Air Quality Monitoring (AQM) for Schools & Local Authorities

At Vortex IoT we believe that to manage air pollution, you must first measure it, our solution helps #MakingtheInvisible_Visible.


To allow local authorities to make informed policy decisions for traffic enforcement in and around schools, Vortex IoT is offering a complete, cost-effective, Air Quality Monitoring System.


Real time data for air-born particulate and gas pollutants are accessed via a secure web portal where alerts and notifications are set, analyses performed so providing real-time insights on the impact of changes to localized traffic management.


Developed and manufactured in the UK, the Vortex IoT air quality measurement solution is fully automated, secure, and designed for plug and play install - typically twelve AQM sensors, mesh network, and edge server can be deployed and active in 5 days.

Why Vortex IoT

Real-time, Accurate Data


Unique, Innovative Technology


Low Cost of Ownership



12 Months Package Contents

Through the rapid deployment of our AQM solution, within 1 month you could have:

  • 12 x Innovative AQM devices
  • Secure role based Data Visualisation Portal (optimised for web and mobile use)
  • Open API / Export feature to integrate the data generated with your wider enterprise and reporting systems
  • Self-Healing, Self-Organising Vortex Mesh Network
  • Edge server and dongle – pre-configured, certified secure hardware
  • Professional services – 2 days, remote survey assistance, platform commissioning
  • Up to 40 hours remote technical support
  • Security upgrades / patches


    Total Price = £24,900 incl. VAT

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